Indus Valley Gel Colour

Indus Valley Black Gel Colour contains 8 natural herbs including Henna, Jojoba and Sunflower Oil which, apart from imparting a natural black colour, help in preventing hair problems like spilt ends, dandruff, hair fall and provide UV protection. The Gel moisturizes and provides a shine to your hair, prevents loss and helps re-growth and rejuvenates hair making it soft. Indus Valley Gel Colour is PHAB free. The gel has a very pleasant orange fragrance.

  • Organically natural hair colour

  • Tested and recommended by doctors

  • Perfect grey covering

  • Pleasant orange fragrance

  • No PPD, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide or heavy metals

  • Certified Halal

  • Certified Bio-Natural

Black 1.0
Gel Colour
Burgundy 3.6
Gel Colour
Copper Mahogany 5.40
Gel Colour
Dark Blonde 6.0
Gel Colour
Dark Brown 3.0
Gel Colour
Dark copper Blonde 7.4
Gel Colour
Light Blonde 8.0
Gel Colour
Light Brown 5.0
Gel Colour
Lightest Blonde 9.0
Gel Colour
Medium Blonde 7.0
Gel Colour
Medium Brown 4.0
Gel Colour
Medium Copper Blonde 8.4
Gel Colour
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Product Specifications:
  • Form: Gel

  • Chemical Free: 90% Natural

  • Composition: Sunflower, organic basil, wheatgram oil, jojoba oil, honey comb, organic henna, orange, aloe-vera, organic amla

  • Organic Type: Herbal

  • Net Weight: 20g + 120ml + 50ml

  • Features: PHAB Free (No ammonia, No PPD, No hydrogen Peroxide, No Heavy Metal.)

  • Tested & Recommended by Doctor

  • Certified Halal

  • Contains Certified Organic ingredients

  • Bio-Natural

One box contains:
  • 4 sachet of powder (5gm each)

  • 1 Gel tube (120ml)

  • 1 Colour protecting shampoo (50ml)

  • Instruction leaflet

  • Applicator brush with comb

  • Gloves

  • Shower Cap

Natural Ingredients:


Aloe-Vera gives shine to hair, maintains pH Balance and conditions the scalp.


Jojoba oil cleanses the scalp and helps in re-growth of hair.


Moisturises hair, stimulates hair growth and maintains elasticity of hair.


Amla is an edible fruit with high vitamin C content. The oil, extracted from its seeds & pulp is used as treatment for hair loss and scalp problems.


Helps in removing dandruff, gives fragrance to the hair color, provides shine to hair and stimulates hair growth.


The antiseptic and anti-bacterial qualities of honey helps keep the scalp clean, prevents fungal infection , dandruff and psoriasis on the scalp.


Basil leaves strengthen hair shaft, reduce hair loss, itchiness, and improve blood circulation in the scalp.


Henna produces orange to red colour on hair. It is a natural hair conditioner that helps in repairing and sealing the cuticle, protects hair against damage and loss of shine, helps in dandruff treatment and prevents hair loss.


Sunflower contains Vitamins A, B, C, E, potassium, iron and calcium which protects the hair from damaging ultraviolet radiation.

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